In detail there is the difference
In detail there is the difference
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Li Puma Design is a company that designs and manufactures virtuosity of communication, by mimicking all existing traits separating financial guys from artists.


Thanks to technical finesse, personal expressions and refusal of formal rigour, Li Puma Design rarely creates reinterpretable shapes, and thus each solution acquires an expressive variable that makes it unique.


With essential, modern and ingenious design, Li Puma Design communicates ideas, expressions, and a precise technological know-how displayed in the extreme versatility and simplification of all its creations.


After thirty years of great dynamic coordination for its partners experience, the company is currently a notable avant-garde specialist in supporting events and in national and international communication.


Design is in the genetical code of Li Puma Design studio.

Design means shaping the ideas of our clients conjugating creativity and productional needs whilst supplying customized solutions to enhance all exposition and communication requirements.

Our laboratory can rely on the collaboration of professionals and offers graphics creativity, technical design and engineering integrated with our internal production facilities.

We give
to ideas


Li Puma Design is directly producing all internal projects.

Our expertise entitles us to realize each kind of sale solution in a variety of different materials, including cardboard, plastics, plexiglas, metal or wood.

Most modern technologies and the support provided by standard and graphics plotters allow the production of protypes and samples in short times and with excellent quality.


Li Puma Design offers its clients o complete range of services, thus enabling them lo sort out problems by supplying the best efficiency and quality, following the rhythm required by current marketing communication.

Main Services:

Pre-Printing process
Editorial and graphics solutions
Small and large format digital printing (limited printing for market test purposes, at no additional print process cost)
Digital photogrophy in internal studio
Assemblage, packaging and logistics
lnstallation, control and maintenance of exposition systems
ln-store promotion management
Hostess service



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Li Puma Design by P.A.I.M.
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Tel +39 011 773 28 88 / 011 773 26 20
Fax +39 011 772 70 54

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